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Gardens and ART

Spreading the joy of art and gardens everywhere is pretty much my main mission in life. I never tire of finding creative ways to make and share art and the joy and abundance that come from gardening and exploring nature. Whether I'm creating art myself, inspiring and helping others to do so, feeding the houseless or building my business to help me do more of all of those things, this theme is intricately woven into my own sense of purpose in life. Thanks for taking part and for your support.

As promised, the puzzle piece earrings are in the website shop now.  These were so much fun to make but a little tedious so I don't know how many I will get ready for sale between now and the holidays. I've picked out a few of my favorites to put in the store instead of take to market. Order soon. 

To make them, I dip puzzle pieces in leftover paint puddles (from larger pours). Once dried, the backs are painted and glitter is added. Then both sides get a coat of resin for looks and durability before they get their hardware. Enjoy!

I'm also adding some favorite painted "drop" earrings to the store.  These are what started the whole jewelry journey. I had paint left over from pours and some wood this happened. 


There will be a few more added between now and the holidays but I can't promise how many. Markets will be keeping me too busy to make earrings soon!

Early shopper bonus

For every two pair of earrings you order, a surprise gift of another pair or a necklace will be included in your shipment.  Offer ends October 31, 2023.

Who wants to try pouring paint?

I'm going to make  it really easy for you and a friend to come learn how to pour paint for just a fun outing and/or  to find out if you really like it (you will) before you invest in your own materials. (This might be a good gift to offer a friend).

Introductory price: Two for the price of one (total cost $25) and you get a two hour session in my studio that includes a demo of several techniques by me as well as two canvases and all the paint ,materials and help you need to come away with two paintings of your own. 

Each session is limited to two people and I'm only offering two spots on SUNDAY OCTOBER 22.   To sign up, purchase the slot in the online store.  All materials included.

If you are viewing this site on a mobile device, not all features may work. Please visit from your desktop computer for the full experince.

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