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Ready or not, it's time to blog

Usually when I sit down to blog, I have several topics that have been swimming in my head for a while to choose from. And it's just a matter of choosing one and putting words to it.

This time it's a little hard to get started because, basically, I don't feel like I know anything. Well, that's not totally true. I know enough to know not knowing is a very good place to be. It probably means I'm about to learn something I didn't already know or get my mind changed about something I thought I knew but didn't.

This isn't all that serious. I'm not feeling lost or even unsure about what I'm currently experiencing (i.e. the studio, the biz, my relationships - just don't factor in videos I can't make myself watch and the ugliness of politics and the state of the world and humanity stuff). But it is a bit unsettling.

I know how to paint the way I paint. I know how to draw the way I draw. I know how to endlessly amuse myself with art supplies when left alone to do so. It's all good. It all makes for a very happy life.


Except when I step out of what I already know and cross into I wonder if I can figure out how to do this new thing.

Part of me feels intrigued by the new thing and part of me wants to take a nap every time I get near it instead of putting in the effort. Expending effort didn't seem so difficult when I was younger. I seemed to have effort to spare.

And here's where discipline comes in. Here's why I'm writing the blog today, ready or not.

I didn't set up this studio to paint crows and lizards and owls over and over .

There's nothing wrong with any of those things and I'll probably still paint them from time to time because it's comforting to do (they have become friends). Instead, I set it up to try and find and then share some bigger purpose to it all.

I haven't really figured out much of how to do that yet and, can you believe it, I've been in this studio for a year come April. But I have an important clue that lives in the moment where I choose to try and then stay with something new long enough to "get it" or decide taking a nap would be easier. Nothing wrong with naps either. I love my naps. I just don't want to sleep through the rest of my life.

And I don't want to be afraid of starting in a place of not knowing.

I suspect, and again I don't know, from where I'm at right now, that what I'm looking for is a way to inspire you to discover the joy of expressing yourself in art without the fear of not already knowing how.

At the beginning is a good place to be. So much to discover.

And it turns out, it was a good day to write a blog after all.

Photo was taken in my garage while I was just dreaming about the studio.

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1 Comment

Kat Rio
Kat Rio
Feb 08, 2023

you are so right about getting started, taking the leap into new things......also about taking naps (or for me sleeping in). That feels so comforting in winter, and easy, and sometimes getting into the day feels a bit more like a chore these days......must be all those years of working! Funnily, if I wander out into the garden -even in winter, I quickly feel my mood lift and my enthusiasm rise!

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