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How Vandoodle came to be

It started in April of 2019 with a desire to shift my attention away from what had been a difficult year and choose joy instead. Really, all I was going to do at first was paint a logo on the side of it and maybe take off once in a while in her to paint or draw.

Before painting

I didn't have the slightest idea how to paint a vehicle. U-tube videos were intimidating as there were apparently very right and very wrong ways to go about it. In the end (or in the this case the beginning) I decided I didn't have to worry about it. The van was old, it's paint was already in some distress. I figured , if I messed it up, I would just sand it off and try something different.

That was so much fun, I just added a few more details

and a few more....

it was getting pretty one-sided, so I started on the driver's side.

I had the most fun on this side because I was losing my initial fear of painting the van and was just enjoying the process.

There was apparently no stopping me at this point. By the end of May I had finished the back and driver's side and it was time to start on the front.

Tires and camper top got some painting too.

Vandoodle went on her first camping/drawing adventure less than a month after beginning to paint her.

She and I went on several camping/art adventures over the summer. Follow this blog if you would like to see where she goes and what happens.

"Choose Joy," Stephanie

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