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It's fun to get going on this wagon without any real end game plan. Thinking you might like to come along for the ride and see where this wagon eventually ends up and what it turns out to be for, maybe even help it turn a corner or two with some of your ideas.

Oh, I have plans and ideas for sure. But there are so many unknown variables attached to them (big one, we are still in the middle of a pandemic), I can't just head in any one direction and expect to get there...because I don't really know where THERE is.

I do know that the main purpose of building and tricking this wagon out so far is NOT to spread the joy of art and gardening everywhere, like I keep saying it is. Right now, its main purpose seems to be just to give me something fun to do. I LOVE working on it. It's hard for me to slow down and think rationally about whether or not it makes sense business-wise or even can support the charity work I wish to do with it. It's equally hard for me to plan out anything I'm doing with it in the moment. I just like making retail spaces and arranging products in them, especially products I make and doubly-especially products that I make from recycled materials or what others might call trash.

This reminds me of my little brother telling me he had the perfect coffee shop designed, down to the very last detail including what music would be playing. He said he would thoroughly enjoy designing this shop but would have no interest in ever opening it. I can't go that far. I actually do see myself tooling about with this wagon somewhere, eventually. But like my brother, much of the enjoyment I'm reaping from it now is from just putting things together.

The day before yesterday it was sunny out. I thought I might just wheel it out of the garage and have a good look at it...decide what to do first. See if I could actually maneuver it myself. (Yes, it would have been a good idea to think about that when designing it or having it built). Then IT happened (much like it always does so I shouldn't be all that surprised). Within a few minutes, I had some tarps down to protect the driveway and all the other lovely things about like the boat also in the garage that is not mine and looks fine plain yellow. And I thought I'd spray just a little paint on the bottom part of the wagon to see how it "took." One color was nice, so two colors would be better, right? Maybe just a little yellow here and there. Yep, tie-dyed again. Welcome to my world, where I don't like leaving any colors out.

It's not done. It's basically got a base coat on it for me to now foo-foo with crows and owls and dots and things because it's my wagon and I can have some more fun if I want to...and I do.

When it was wintery out, not long ago, I spray-painted a bunch of jars and an even bigger bunch of empty Starbucks boxes I collected with help of friends that I was making for the wagon. The jars will be vases. I haven't decided what I will do with the hundred or so painted gift boxes I have so far. .

So, what do I THINK I want to do with the wagon?

I'd really like to wheel it to a local outdoor market (right now they're aren't any open)

I plan to use profits from any sales to help fund my passion for feeding the homeless and spreading the joy of art and gardens everywhere. I suspect it will carry some lunch bags wherever it goes in case I find anyone who is hungry.

I could see myself sitting around by it, drawing.

Much like Vandoodle use to do, It will cause smiles to happen wherever it goes.

I sometimes think about taking it to other markets (like my much-loved Florence boardwalk market) but the little matter of it needing a cargo van and some kind of wench for that to happen comes to mind and slows down that planning. Not giving up on that idea. Just not focused on it.

And last, but not least, I'll probably combine my continued efforts to pick up trash in the neighborhood and inspire others to do so with whatever else the wagon is doing.

I don't have any idea at this point what the legalities of me just tooling around Kenton with it are. I'm guessing from experience there are zoning laws and things that make that not easy. But, again, not giving up on that idea yet either.

But, for now, I'll just keep getting it "ready."

What are your thoughts about the Wheel-a-BARROW wagon?

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1 Comment

Steffy Bee
Steffy Bee
Mar 19, 2021

I LOVE the Wheel-a -Barrow wagon!!!!!! Maybe you need a motorized bicycle to tow it around town? Would that even work?

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