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Get your own shirt and help spread the love

When you buy a shirt or other product featuring my artwork, you also help me feed someone who is hungry.

Thanks to my friends who shared this photo of their "CROW like you mean it" shirts.

In case you missed my earlier blog or other announcements, what I'm doing now is creating a system where I keep painting (plein air or in the studio) and then put some of my artwork on products that I offer for purchase. With every purchase I will help feed someone. You get a shirt and get to help me feed the hungry too. What's not to love about that arrangement?

Right now, the only shop to get my shirts or other products is my Etsy shop (ArtandgardensShop). Within. a week or two all the products will be here as well. Subscribe and keep watching this blog to see all that is happening.

I've decided to focus my energy in my own neighborhood, Kenton (Portland) which has both a need and also some fabulous neighborhood group already doing the work that I can help support.

Along those lines, this Sunday, I'll be out in my neighborhood, picking up trash on my block, which I've adopted. Come join me if you like (six feet away with a mask on please!)

Check out the facebook group Kenton Arts and Gardens Everywhere, Portland.

Thanks everyone,


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